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Season 9 barney

TV Schedule. Sign In. Add Image S9, Ep1. Error: please try again. Happy, sad, or mad, Barney and his friends discover that feelings aren't bad. The children have fun making masks to show what they're feeling on the inside. While Baby Bop and BJ learn how to talk about their feelings after an argument. Everyone finds their feelings change while singing, dancing, exercising, and being with friends. S9, Ep2. A special project provides the perfect opportunity for Barney, Baby Bop and BJ to learn about love and relationships the "heart" way as they make a "Friends and Family Tree.

With Barney's help, Baby Bop and BJ discover there are many people we love and care for and who care for us! Add Image S9, Ep3. Barney brings the music! Making their own musical instruments, Barney and his friends enjoy the thrill of becoming a real marching band! They learn about many different instruments that bring music to your ears!

Add Image S9, Ep4. As Baby Bop, BJ, and the children learn ways to move their bodies through dancing, playing games, and acting out "The Tortoise and the Hare. Add Image S9, Ep5. Barney takes to the skies! After finding a paper airplane and pretending to fly like airplanes, Barney and his friends use their imaginations to build an airplane. When they find just the right costumes to wear, they're ready to let their creativity fly! Add Image S9, Ep6. Imagine that! After Laura draws a special picture, Barney and his friends use their imaginations to bring her picture to life.

A treasure trove of fun is shared on their stu-u-pendous island adventure. Add Image S9, Ep7. Celebrate the things that make us special!Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Season 5 Season 5, Episodes Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Season 5. Stephen White Mark S. Kirby Troy Charles. Lyrick Studios Connecticut Public Television. Season Guide. When Curtis becomes too much like Booker T. Bookworm, Barney and the kids remind him that it's best to just be yourself.

Baby Bop and BJ switch identities for the day to learn a valuable lesson of coping with jealousy. Safety Officer Baby Bop helps the kids learn valuable safety rules at school and at play.

season 9 barney

After BJ eats too many pancakes, Barney and the kids help him overcome his fear of round objects. After Kristen wishes that she had a brother or a sister to play with, Barney reminds her that every family is special.

Barney and the kids have fun playing with musical instruments and marching. After Mr. Boyd's band cancels their concert, Barney invites his band friends to perform at the school. Danny is nervous about speaking in front of his class because he has never done it before.

Baby Bop is worried about sleeping with the light off for the first time. Barney ensures them that trying new things is fun! Boyd needs some assistance in picking a color for the school hallway.

Season 9 Cast

With some help from Barney's special color hat, the kids have fun with colors. My Jeans are Always Blue. Barney takes the kids to a dude ranch. Country group Riders in the Sky stops by for a yodeling sing-along and to teach the kids the cowboy way. BJ can't wait for his exciting camping trip. To help pass time, Barney and the kids help him plan activities to do over the next week.

After cleaning the treehouse, Barney shows the kids how they can recycle "yesterday's throw-aways" by transforming them into "today's treasures". Old King Cole informs Barney and the kids that he will visit the school soon.Ted finally finishes the story of how he met his children's mother on part two of the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. Ted finally finishes the story of how he met his children's mother on part one of the series finale of How I Met Your Mother.

And some panic ensues as a result this week. Barney has a fit over which suit to wear for his wedding while Robin and Lily have a disagreement on wedding day on How I Met Your Mother. Ted and Robin remember past relationship as she searches for Barney who's had too much to drink on the day of their wedding on How I Met Your Mother. Marshall finally makes it to Farhampton while a wedding guests manages to make everyone's life miserable on How I Met Your Mother.

Marshall tells three stories in rhyme in order to get his son to go to sleep on How I Met Your Mother. On How I Met Your Mother, despite having multiple date options for the wedding, Ted still manages to make the wrong choice while Barney and Robin get into an argument with their minister.

Barney Permalink: Whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it. Added: February 03, You are the love of my life.

Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Barney Permalink: You are the love of my life. Added: March 31, Homer Simpson ". With Mike Scully as showrunner for the ninth production season, [1] the aired season contained three episodes which were hold-over episodes from season eight, which Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein ran. It also contained two episodes which were run by David Mirkinand another two hold-over episodes which were run by Al Jean and Mike Reiss.

The DVD was released in two different forms: a Lisa -shaped head, to match the MaggieHomer and Marge shaped heads from the three previous DVD sets, and also a standard rectangular shaped box. Like the previous DVD sets, both versions are available for sale separately. Homer allows Barney to use his car when Barney is picked to be the designated driver for that night at Moe's Tavern.

However, Barney disappears for two months with the car, and returns without it. Homer searches for his car, and eventually receives a letter from the City of New York. The family is excited to go there to obtain the car, but Homer, who had had a bad experience in New York when he was younger, is reluctant.

Episode List

After reaching New York City, Homer sees the car parked near the World Trade Centerwhere he must wait by so that an officer can remove the wheel clamp.

He is distracted from standing watch for the police when he has to go the bathroom, and causes him to miss the police officer. Homer gets angry and leaves the city with the clamp on. When a celebration is held at Springfield Elementary to honor his 20 years as principal, Principal Skinner is revealed to be an impostor when the real Principal, Sgt. Principal Skinner, shows up.

The principal's real name is revealed to be Armin Tamzarian, an orphan from Capital City. Armin soon leaves to return to Capital City, and Sgt. Principal Skinner takes over as principal. However, many, including Agnes Skinnersoon decide they preferred the old Seymour. After persuading him to come back from Capital City to be Principal Skinner again, the townspeople send Sgt. Skinner out of town on a railroad. After being disrupted by Lisa's saxophone practice, Bart gets into a fight with Lisa, ultimately causing her saxophone to be thrown out the window and run over by a Woolworth's truck, flattening it.

Lisa is depressed when her sax is flattened. Trying to console her, Homer shares the story of how she got her saxophone. After finishing the story, Homer once again decides to not spend the money on an air conditioner and buys a new saxophone for Lisa instead. When the children of Springfield are deemed to be overweightmany parents place their children in the peewee football team, including Bart. Ned is the coach of the team, until he quits after Homer's heckling, which ultimately leads to Homer being the new coach.

While being tough on Bart originally, Homer realizes how rough his father was on him when he played sports. This leads Homer to make Bart the quarterback instead of the more skilled Nelsoncausing the team to lose a few games and Bart to become angry at his father.The show was renewed for the final season on December 21,after cast member Jason Segel changed his decision to leave the show after Season 8. Taking place immediately after where the previous season left off, Season 9 covers the events of a single weekend that lead up to Barney Neil Patrick Harris and Robin 's Cobie Smulders wedding.

The season also features frequent flashbacks and flashforwards in order to fully integrate The Mother's character with the rest of the cast. In FebruaryBays and Thomas teased that Season 9 is "going to be a new way to tell the story". Ethan Anderton from Screen Rant was concerned about how "24 episodes of television are going to be crafted from just three days of time", [9] and Alan Sepinwall of HitFix was exasperated that after eight seasons, "They are really going to stretch Robin and Barney's wedding weekend out over the entire final season", [10] though he expressed more optimism after the San Diego Comic-Con panel for the final season.

season 9 barney

The ninth season features a cast of six actors who receive star billing. Cristin Miliotiwho was revealed as The Mother in the Season 8 finale, has been promoted to series regular, a first for the series. The show gained a resurgence in ratings during season seven, and CBS began discussing the possibility of ordering a ninth season. Segel had initially wanted to focus on his film career, leaving the fate of a ninth season uncertain. Craig Thomas noted the flexibility of the show's filming schedule, saying: "We've always done everything humanly possible to allow [the actors] to do other things.

Bays and Thomas were first introduced to Milioti as a possibility for playing The Mother through casting director Marisa Ross. Narrowing down the candidates to three actresses early on allowed the casting department to avoid a publicized casting call for The Mother.

Milioti was flown into Los Angeles to do an on-camera "chemistry test" with Radnor as part of her audition. Harris, who is a Broadway fan and had recognized her in the makeup trailer, gave Milioti a hug and exclaimed "You're The Mother! When asked at Comic-Con about guest stars, Bays revealed that, "If there's someone we loved over the course of the series, there's a good chance they're coming back [for the final season].

Season 9 Gang of Barney & Friends (battybarney2014's version)

Williams as Robin's co-worker Patrice. For the bulk of the series' run, stock footage of a younger Fonseca and Henrie from the series' first season have been used, the better to reflect the kids not aging while hearing their father tell his story. The kids' scenes included one key moment filmed before production on Season 2 began; that scene, according to Bays and Thomas, served as the climax to Ted's story of how he and the kids' mother met.

The climax was filmed on a set closed to everyone except Bays, Thomas, a camera operator, and Fonseca and Henrie, who signed non-disclosure agreements. Fonseca states she had forgotten the details of the scene in the years since its filming, while Henrie states, "I do remember.

I think I remember. We'll see. How I Met Your Mother ' s cast and crew hosted a panel at the Comic-Con for the first time in the show's history to promote Season 9. The panel released a teaser trailer featuring Ted's children as adults, still listening to Ted tell his story eight years from when he first began. Angry at having spent years listening, they insist Ted finish his story so they can leave.

season 9 barney

Bays was enthusiastic about the trajectory of the season, saying that "we've never been in a place where it's July and we've plotted out the entire season, but we have this year because there's so much exciting stuff".Riff utilizes his music ability to enhance the show. Boats : Barney shows Baby Bop about boats. When Riff is scared of bugs, Barney shows him that bugs can be cool! New Barney Songs : Playing the Shapes. BJ's Snack Attack : BJ's binge on sweet treats leads him to dream about a world full of sweet treats.

Rhythm : Barney and his friends perform a marching band parade to teach Baby Bop all about rhythm. Sharing : After Riff busts BJ's new scooter, he holds a rummage sale in order to buy a new one!

Differences : When the kids leave a boy in a wheelchair out of their fun, Barney decides to let him know that he feels the same way sometimes.

Singing : Barney tells the story called "The Princess Without a Song to Sing" where a princess found her song with the help of a very wise king! Careers : Baby Bop wants to be three forever, until Barney shows her the fun of taking on a grownup job!

Baby Bop loves dancing, while Riff loves music. But when they are asked to do opposite roles, they learn to appreciate both dancing and music. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Season 10 Season 10, Episodes Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Season Fred Holmes Jim Rowley. Season Guide. Michael Anthony Steele. Airplanes : BJ brings his new airplane toy to the park. Riff decides to borrow BJ's airplane toy. But when Riff can't seem to put BJ's toy airplane back together, BJ puts his toy airplane back together to make it good as new.

Butterflies : Baby Bop cares for a caterpillar that is going through metamorphosis. New Barney Songs : None.TV Schedule. Sign In. How I Met Your Mother — S9, Ep1. Error: please try again. Lily meets an interesting person on the train to Farhampton, Marshall gets kicked off his flight to New York, Barney and Robin discover that they might be related, and Ted prepares to deliver a personal gift to Robin. S9, Ep2. Marshall is forced to rent a car to get to New York, causing Lily to start drinking and accidentally reveal to Barney some bad news about his brother's marriage.

Season 9 Characters

S9, Ep3. Barney and Robin try to have sex before the elderly wedding guests arrive, Ted reveals a list to Lily of things to do before he leaves New York, and Marshall has problems traveling through Packer Country.

S9, Ep4. S9, Ep5. Barney is upset after Robin wins James's wedding ring during the poker game, and Ted argues with Marshall and Lily over whether he gave them a wedding gift. S9, Ep6. When Ted finds himself with three prospects to be his date for the wedding weekend, he chooses poorly. Meanwhile, Barney and Robin have a confrontation with their minister, and Marshall learns more about his driving companion, Daphne. S9, Ep7. When Daphne sends a troubling text message to Lily, Marshall enlists the gang's help to remove the message while enforcing the "No Questions Asked" rule.

S9, Ep8. When Robin and Loretta's conflict escalates, Barney is caught in the middle. Meanwhile, Marshall and Daphne deal with a stowaway on their road trip, and Ted and Cassie try to enjoy a trip to a lighthouse. S9, Ep9. After Robin finds out her mother isn't coming to the wedding, the group recalls a fateful night six months ago when Barney accepted the "challenge" of a lifetime, and Ted made a decision about his pursuit of Robin. S9, Ep Barney and James fight over which one of their fathers will get back together with their mom, Ted becomes a victim of "Zabkatage," and Daphne becomes inexplicably upset with Marshall.

Barney & Friends: Let's Make Music! (Season 9, Episode 3)

Barney becomes fixated on having his rehearsal dinner at a laser tag arena, much to Robin's dismay. Meanwhile, Ted doesn't come through on a promise, which aggravates Lily. The gang encounters a guy at the wedding who intentionally stirs up trouble among them, and Marshall finally arrives at the Farhampton Inn.

Robin and Ted take advantage of Barney when he becomes "truth serum drunk," and Marshall does everything he can to remain in "pause" with Lily and avoid their fight. The story of The Mother, from her traumatic 21st birthday to a number of close calls with meeting Ted to the night before Barney and Robin's wedding.


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